Adolphe Sax
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The year 2014 sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous of all Belgians, Adolphe Sax (6 November 1814 – 7 February 1894), who came from Dinant. To mark this exceptional bicentenary, the mim will present a major exhibition. The museum's fourth floor will be completely emptied of its current contents, with the strings and keyboards making way, temporarily, for Sax, Sax, and more Sax!

The main themes of SAX200 are "Sax, the inventor", "Sax, the entrepreneur", "Sax himself ", and "Sax after Sax". After visiting this exhibition, you will know all – and we mean all – about Sax, about the saxophone obviously, but also about his other inventions (including the saxhorn and the saxotromba). The exhibition also looks at his business life, his private life, and a variety of less well known aspects, such as the medical instruments(!) he designed.

For SAX200, the mim is pulling out all the stops. Almost its entire collection of Sax instruments, which is recognised as the most extensive in the world, will be on show. To which will be added, for the occasion, outstanding items from major museums and private collections all over the world. Some of the items on view have never been on public display before!

The SAX200 exhibition will be complemented by a very varied programme of concerts, guided tours, workshops, promotional activities, special evenings, and other events.

Groups can already book their visits.
Tickets cost €12 - €9 - €2 (including the mim).
Tickets went on sale on Tuesday 7 January 2014.