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Bandstand « Le Tour de Monsieur Sax »  

Kiosque de Dinant Le Tour de Monsieur Sax

Inaugurated on 6 November 2019, this bandstand, known as "le Tour de Monsieur Sax", invites those who approach it to make their way around it. Its corten-steel base presents a number of humorous period drawings, which tell the story in an amusing way of what was, nonetheless, a major revolution in the field of instrument-making in the 19th century.

By transforming many instruments and inventing four new families of instruments (saxophone, saxhorn, saxtuba, and saxotromba), the Dinant genius (1814–1894) revolutionised open-air music by giving it a power and trueness of tone it had lacked until then. And he did so at just 31 years of age!

Following the adoption of the new instruments by military bands, many wind bands took them up and began to use them in public performances. This led to the widespread construction of bandstands.

Although Dinant had several bandstands between 1901 and the late 1940s, Adolphe Sax's hometown had to offer this privileged setting for music of every kind.

This new tourist and cultural site offers a choice setting for all the music and arts of the city. The pre-existing and refurbished 350-seat grandstand, to which the entire Princess Elisabeth Esplanade can be added, allows the organisation of concerts and socio-cultural events for all audiences. 

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