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Along the streets of Dinant...

Adolphe Sax worked tirelessly on behalf of musicians, making improvements to many instruments, creating the saxophone family, reinventing the wind ensemble, etc.

The International Adolphe Sax Association, proud of this heritage, organises events that turn the spotlight on musicians and music. At times by bringing them together for unique occasions, at times by organising performances by both established and up-and-coming artists, for the pleasure of music-lovers of all ages.


Journée des Harmonies - Crédit photo Jean-Pol Sedran

Day for Wind Bands

Adolphe Sax unquestionably revolutionised music and should also be regarded as the father of modern music societies and brass bands. As such, the International Adolphe Sax Association has chosen to work on the upgrading of music societies that are proud to represent popular music in the noble sense of the term. And for popular music, a popular event… every three years, at the end of September, the IASA organises a Music Society Day, in Dinant.

More than a score of music societies and brass bands coming from France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Flemish and German-speaking Communities as well as the Wallonia-Brussels Community, spread across the town’s squares, each playing for 45 minutes,  before getting together at the beginning of the evening for an exceptional, even unique, concert. Entirely free, all these concerts are as many invitations to come and have fun at the popular music festival in Dinant.


Grand Rassemblement - Crédit photo AIAS

Great Gathering

Since 1990, assembling a huge number of saxophonists in the streets every four years, at the time of the International Adolphe Sax Competition, has become a genuine Dinant tradition.

This great popular gathering sees many saxophonists converging on Adolphe Sax’s birthplace, and even more members of the public, in order to share the emotion in a joint concert given in the open air in the historical heart of the town.

They also come to vibrate to the sound of thousands of notes rising from the valley of the Meuse and to shiver at the sight of scintillating saxophones pointing towards the sky.


Dimanches de Mr Sax - Crédit photo AIAS

Les Dimanches de Monsieur Sax (Mr Sax's Sundays)

Each Sunday of July and August, Dinant, Town of Music, sees the return of itinerant musical entertainments that make it seem, during the summer period, like New Orleans. During the Sundays of July and August, the saxophone with its raucous voice cradles the public as it strolls along the Meuse. Groups traipse their jazz and their Dixieland music from terrace to terrace, providing superlative entertainment for the onlookers. Three hours of free concerts that encourage people to discover or rediscover Dinant, on a Sunday afternoon, in the company of our town’s famous inventor. And the hope, who knows, of coming across Mr Sax in person…

Dinant Voix Cuivrée - Crédit photo AIAS

Dinant, la Voix Cuivrée

Many concerts and activities to enjoy in summer time: chime concerts, saxophone jazz bands playing in the streets, jazz festivals (World Music Day, Festival de l'Eté Mosan, Festival D'Jazz, International Music Academy)...

And, of course, many things to see: Mr Sax's House, the bench of Mr Sax, Art on Sax, the Anamorphoses Trail, Mr Sax's Water Clock, "Around Mr Sax" bandstand,...

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