Adolphe Sax
The Competition for Young Saxophonists  

The Competition for Young Saxophonists, held in Dinant, is an event eagerly awaited by many budding young saxophonists. It offers them a unique opportunity to meet each other, to expand their repertoire, and to develop links with saxophonists from Belgium's different linguistic Communities and from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Competition is open to all young saxophonists of Belgian or Luxembourg nationality and/or resident in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and/or enrolled in a music education institution in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The different rounds take place in Dinant in February (first round) and May (semi-final and final). The Competition has two categories:

- the solo category, which has four levels: basic, intermediate, superior, and excellent,

- the ensemble category, which has two levels: amateur and excellent.

The jury is made up of professional musicians.

The repertoire is made up for the most part of Belgian and Luxembourg works of a high standard, which offers an opportunity to highlight the creative work of our composers.