Adolphe Sax
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Mr Sax's Sundays  

Each Sunday of July and August, Dinant, Town of Music, sees the return of itinerant musical entertainments that make it seem, during the summer period, like New Orleans. During the Sundays of July and August, the saxophone with its raucous voice cradles the public as it strolls along the Meuse.

Groups traipse their jazz and their Dixieland music from terrace to terrace, providing superlative entertainment for the onlookers. Three hours of free concerts that encourage people to discover or rediscover Dinant, on a Sunday afternoon, in the company of our town’s famous inventor. And the hope, who knows, of coming across Mr Sax in person…       

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Su 29|06|2014 – 14h00

The Dixie Boys Band

Su 03|08|2014 – 14h00

The Dixie Boys Band

Su 06|07|2014 – 14h00

Les Croqu’Noires

Su 10|08|2014 – 14h00

The Art Jazz Band

Su 13|07|2014 – 14h00

De Propere Fanfare

Su 17|08|2014 – 14h00


Su 20|07|2014 – 14h00

The Magic Jazz Band

Su 31|08|2014 – 14h00

Les Croqu’Noires

Su 27|07|2014 – 14h00

The Pajot Swing Jazz Band

Su 07|09|2014 – 14h00