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Mr Sax's Sundays  

In what has now become an established tradition, Dinant celebrates the saxophone on every Sunday of July and August. From 2 pm to 5 pm, the banks of the Meuse come to life as the lively rhythms of a variety of ensembles flood the squares and streets of the city, serenading the public sitting outside the restaurants and cafes along the river. The starting point for these strolling concerts is the Place St-Nicolas. From there, the musicians make their way along the quays to the house where the Dinant genius was born  (37 Rue Sax). This being his bicentennial year, the International Adolphe Sax Association has decided to introduce some new rhythms and sounds to the programme. A number of different itinerant, festive groups have already been lined up to treat the Sunday crowds to klezmer, Cuban, African, jazz, and Latino sounds, among others. Conviviality is of the essence in an event of this kind, so the bands will certainly be open to playing the occasional request. And all this live music is free – so it really would be a pity to miss it!




Su 29|06|2014 – 14h00

The Dixie Boys Band

Su 03|08|2014 – 14h00

The Dixie Boys Band

Su 06|07|2014 – 14h00

Les Croqu’Noires

Su 10|08|2014 – 14h00

The Art Jazz Band

Su 13|07|2014 – 14h00

De Propere Fanfare

Su 17|08|2014 – 14h00


Su 20|07|2014 – 14h00

The Magic Jazz Band

Su 31|08|2014 – 14h00

Les Croqu’Noires

Su 27|07|2014 – 14h00

The Pajot Swing Jazz Band

Su 07|09|2014 – 14h00