Adolphe Sax
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The bicentenary in the city  
©Jean Coulon

A number of new stop-offs are being added to the already extensive "Sax and the City" itinerary, which has taken shape in Dinant over a number of years.

In Mr Sax's House (La Maison de Monsieur Sax), the building located where the house in which the Dinant inventor was born used to stand, visitors can find the answers to their questions about him in an interactive, fun experience.

If they step through a door, they can discover the House of Pataphonie, which welcomes everyone interested in learning about music through a journey that takes in a variety of instruments made of metal, stone, water, wood, etc.

A slightly longer stroll takes the visitor to the giant exhibits of "Art on Sax", a coppery saxophone, the mechanical Anamorphoses, and a sculpture emerging from the stone. You can find a map of the walk route here.

Three new stages will be unveiled in the course of 2014: Showcasing Mr Sax (Les Vitrines de Monsieur Sax), Mr Sax's Clepsydra (La Clepsydre de Monsieur Sax), and Mr Sax's Turn (Le Tour de Monsieur Sax) - a contemporary evocation of a bandstand.