Adolphe Sax
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Mr'Sax Turn  
©Gérard Clarenne

Théâtre de Verdure

There was a time when many villages and towns had bandstands. True centres of urban life, these were places that were open to all and that really brought people together. Dinant was no different.

Anyone who knows something about Sax's work is aware that he is often considered to be the father of modern brass bands and wind ensembles.

As a reminder of this kind of facility, which played such an essential role in the diffusion of music and culture, the City of Dinant has decided to install a new piece of urban infrastructure: an evocation by contemporary architecture of a bandstand.

A tripod structure, in wood and steel, conceived by the architect Gérard Clarenne, Mr Sax's Tower (Le Tour de Monsieur Sax) will have three stage spaces and will be suitable for performances both by acoustic ensembles such as brass bands and by rock groups with amplification.

A true multipurpose stage, catering for outdoor concerts, both small and large, the bandstand can also be "read", thanks to the information it offers, spread over 80 square metres, engraved in Corten steel.