Adolphe Sax
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The Mr Sax's Clepsydra  
©Bernard Tirtiaux

From Fri 7 FEBRUARY to Thurs 6 November - Courtyard of the Town Hall

Amid sparkling glass and water, a saxophone is born. A reference to Adolphe Sax, son of the Meuse and iconic inventor of the saxophone, this work was commissioned from the master glassmaker Bernard Tirtiaux. His sculpture in glass makes visible the passage of time from Friday 7 February 2014, date of the official inauguration of the Bicentenary of the birth of Adolphe Sax, to Thursday 6 November 2014, the anniversary of his birth. Nine months during which Adolphe Sax will be brought back to life in the centre of Dinant in the course of an elaborate celebration of his bicentenary.

The work, which contains 4 tonnes of glass, plays with the contrasts and shades of the glass. At times transparent, at times opaque, the saxophone's heart will beat throughout the year before being returned to the element from which it was born – water and the Meuse.