Adolphe Sax
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The Sax Giant  
©Dorian Demarcq

Keen to keep alive a folklore tradition with deep roots in the region, the association known as Les Mougneux d'Coûtches has decided to pay a tribute to one of Dinant's most illustrious citizens by creating a Giant effigy of him.

The Mougneux d’Coûtches or "biscuit-eaters" are the Dinant folklore group behind the Giants Guinguet and Cafonette and the giant horse Bayard.

This is the first time the association has taken on the design of a new Giant. The undertaking has attracted willing helpers and, more particularly, skilled craftworkers.

The first outing of the new Sax Giant is set to take place on 6 November and will be an integral part of the anniversary celebrations of the inventor of the saxophone.

More information about the Giant on the website of Giants of Dinant.