Adolphe Sax
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Sax and the City  

Sax is one of Dinant's most illustrious citizens and the city is studded with reminders of his inventions and of the man himself. A special itinerary allows you to discover the city's entertaining, musical tribute to its famous son.

Along the way you can see:

- the "Art on Sax" urban exhibition (Pont Charles de Gaulle/Tourist Information Centre and Espace Sax);

- the Anamorphoses Trail (Rue Adolphe Sax);

- La Maison de Monsieur Sax (Mr Sax's House) (Rue Adolphe Sax); 

- the Adolphe Sax bench, the work of the sculptor Jean-Marie Mathot (Rue Adolphe Sax);

- the "Espace Sax" (= Place Collard);

- the Giant Saxophone (Rue St-Jacques);

- the Maison de la Pataphonie (51 Rue en Rhée);

- the portrait and bust of Adolphe Sax (entrance hall of the Hôtel de Ville/Town Hall).


Everyone is welcome, freely and at his or her own pace, to follow this Adolphe Sax itinerary. A leaflet entitled Sax and the City, containing a map of the city that shows the location of each of these sights, is available free of charge at the reception desk of the regional (Maison du Tourisme de la Haute-Meuse dinantaise) and local (Royal Syndicat d'Initiative de Dinant) tourist office at 8 Quai Cadoux, Dinant (Tel.: 082 – 22 90 38) and at the Centre Culturel Régional de Dinant (37 Rue Grande, 5500 Dinant).