Adolphe Sax
La Maison de la Pataphonie  

In the historic heart of Dinant, the Centre Culturel Régional de Dinant (CCRD) invites you to step inside an extraordinary world:


The Maison de la Pataphonie is a centre for discoveries and creativity in sound that takes you into a world in which everyday objects, transformed into musical instruments, find a new raison d'être. Travelling in Pataphonie means allowing yourself to be surprised by the song of the aquatic flutes or the melody of the jantophone, joining with others to invent sound ambiances and melodies with undreamt-of resonances… This playful range of instruments – the brainchildren of the unconventional instrument-maker Max Vandervorst – is accessible to all under the magic baton of your Pataphon guide.

The Maison de la Pataphonie is based in the oldest house in Dinant, Rue en Rhée 51, which dates from the 15th and 16th centuries and is just a few hundred metres away from the Collegiate Church (Collégiale de Dinant). As you see it today, the Maison de la Pataphonie is the culmination of a project that took shape thanks to the support of both public institutions and private sponsors. It is very much part of the "Dinant, City of Music" project, which has taken its cue from the city's homage to one of its children, Adolphe Sax, the brilliant inventor of the saxophone, who was born in Dinant in 1814.

The Maison de la Pataphonie, one of the city's major tourist and cultural attractions, offers its "journeys", which are accessible to all, both to individuals and to families with children who are least six years of age (reduced to three years for school groups). Your "journey" must be booked in advance by phone, via 082 – 21 39 39.

Open every day except Saturday. Advance booking strongly recommended via 082 – 21 39 39.