1000&7 SAXGreat Gathering of Saxophonists


Great Gathering of Saxophonists in Dinant
1000 & 7 sax !


Music lovers, thrill-seekers and concert-goers of all kinds are invited to Dinant on Sunday November 05.

A unique opportunity for hundreds of saxophonists to play together in a magical concert! Come to beat the record of the greatest gathering of saxophonists.

All those who have participated in the past to this popular event full of conviviality and emotion, never forgot and have only one desire, to return!

As a warm-up to this show, Henri SELMER Paris will be presenting its Rewind programme in a giant quiz, with the chance to win a saxophone.

Sunday November 05, 2023 at 4 pm
Esplanade Princess Elisabeth B-5500 DINANT

Scores can be downloaded at the end of the registration form.