Adolphe Sax
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The International Adolphe Sax Association  


Founded in 1990, the International Adolphe Sax Association has set out to achieve the harmonious and coherent coordination of projects inspired by the emblematic figure of Adolphe Sax.

It has adopted the following goals:

- to promote the saxophone in all its aspects and in all the fields in which it is or has been a source of inspiration;

- to reach out, via a variety of activities, to all musicians who play the instrument, whether amateur or professional;

- to encourage the composition of contemporary works in order to help expand the instrument's repertoire;

- to encourage people to associate the saxophone with Dinant and to seek, via cultural activities, to transform the Dinant region's brand image, thereby breathing new life into its tourist, economic, and cultural promotion;

- to contribute to the renewal of the town centre by incorporating works of art in specially redeveloped spaces (the monument in honour of Adolphe Sax by Félix Roulin, the statue-bench created by Jean-Marie Mathot, Art on Sax, the Anamorphoses Trail, etc.);

- to organise a varied programme of events that can attract new audiences, both during and outside the tourist season;

- to make each event a festive, future-oriented one with the potential to lead to new projects. 

In addition to the Adolphe Sax International Competition, held every four years, the Association has been responsible for a Competition for Young Saxophonists, La Journée des Harmonies for wind bands, a Great Gathering of Saxophonists. The association has also commissioned new works, has recorded CDs related to these different events, and has organised composition competitions and many one-off events.

The International Adolphe Sax Association is made up of representatives of the City of Dinant, the Province of Namur, the Académie de Musique de Dinant, the Agence de Développement Local, the Action et Recherche Culturelles (ARC), the Centre Culturel Régional de Dinant, the Musical Committee, the Guilde des Commerçants, the Maison du Patrimoine Médiéval Mosan, the Maison du Tourisme de la Haute Meuse, and the Syndicat d'Initiative (local tourist office) and various support members.